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Pool Wise

4.2 ( 1072 ratings )
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Forfatter: Tank Top Coders LLC
5.99 USD

Pool Wise helps you monitor and control the chemicals in your pool. If you are just learning how to maintain your pool, Pool Wise will walk you through testing and adding chemicals. For veteran pool owners, Pool Wise will help you quickly log test results and calculate how much of each chemical to add based on your preferences. Take control of your pool and save money with Pool Wise!


- Saves information about your pool and the chemicals you use for calculating chemical adjustments

- Keeps track of one pool or multiple pools

- Allows you to select automatic guidelines for water chemistry or to set up your own custom chemical targets

- Instantly lists recommended adjustments based on your pool and your preferred chemicals after test results are submitted

- Also provides alternate recommendations for other common pool chemicals

- Tracks test results over time so you can view trends in a table or chart

- Automatically calculates saturation index

- Includes a calculator for pool water volume

- Allows bulk-importing of existing test data

- Allows exporting of test data

- Help section that covers pool chemistry basics, testing techniques, dosing, maintenance, and common water problems

Pool Wise was created by DIY pool owners for DIY pool owners in consultation with pool maintenance professionals.